Vancouver-based fine artist

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Catherine is a Vancouver-based artist. Her work has been described as richly layered, engaging, and transformative. Her clients frequently remark on the lasting pleasure a piece of Catherine Art brings to their lives. Her work is collected internationally.

  • PaintingLandscapes, dreamscapes, figurative portrayals: Narrative Expressionist style, a subjective and saturated palette: places you want to be, seen like a poem. 

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  • drawingPen and ink, graphite, pastels, water-soluble colorsticks and pencils— all celebrating the line and volume of natural forms: human, horse, tree, water...

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  • photographCaptures of what it feels like in the place and at the moment each photograph was recorded: the natural world’s beauty and how we exist in it.

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  • chinapaint Fired onto porcelain mugs and serving ware, representational nudes drawn in life sessions, and animals!

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  • ceramicsFunctional and sculptural, mostly high-fired porcelain with tactile glazing, whimsy, color and fine finishing.

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  • Pet-PortraitsRealistic portraits with your pet’s character shining through, rendered by hand in permanent, fired-on china paint.

    Dishwasher safe and absolutely unique: a handsome, functional cup with a lively portrayal of your loved companion.

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Catherine V. Fraser is an artist who works with a variety of mediums, including painting, photography, and ceramics.

About Catherine

Current Energy

  • What’s Cookin’?
    What’s Cookin’?   Most lately I’m cooking on two elements in my art practice: my love of animals and my love of portraying the human form. These switch back and forth from front to back burner fairly regularly. The animal love manifests in my Pet Portraits on Porcelain, where I’m pleased to…