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What’s Cookin’?

June 18, 2016 Written by Catherine V. Fraser
  Most lately I’m cooking on two elements in my art practice: my love of animals and my love of portraying the human form. These switch back and forth from front to back burner fairly regularly. The animal love manifests in my Pet Portraits on Porcelain, where I’m pleased to say my portrayals of dogs, cats and horses (though I’m not limiting myself as to species—  I’d love to do birds, for example) are engaging and convincing, really showing individual personalities. They’re in china paint, which I began using when an art school teacher handed me a mixed bag of…

Worth Stealing

June 18, 2016 Written by Catherine V. Fraser
  Everyone’s heard “Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery”—the earliest citation I found was Marcus Aurelius in an 18th century biography. I’ve always agreed, finding as time went by that in art, it’s never really possible to do exactly what someone else already has. We try to throw a just-that-shaped bowl, to reproduce a glaze or a style of brushwork or line, with the attempts remaining defiantly our own. Not that we don’t learn from such efforts, and may change directions or find new ones because of what comes to mind and to hand in the process. imitation is…

Burma Shave Signs

November 23, 2015 Written by Catherine V. Fraser
Growing up in the post-war (that’s WWII) USA, as I did, family car trips were a staple. Home was near Portland Oregon, and the Pacific Northwest’s natural beauty beckoned. This was before Interstate freeways, resulting in journeys that were often at a leisurely pace. Two-lane blacktop was it. Staring out a back window, mesmerized by the motion, I saw a lot. My father was the driver almost always, and he preferred back roads, a taste I inherited. Roads down winding river valleys to the sea, through rolling Willamette Valley fields and nut orchards, straight-as-a-die ruts through lodgepole pine woods trying…


February 12, 2015 Written by Catherine V. Fraser
   The desire to show my work waxes and wanes. The variables in that mix have much to do with energy, but also include just where on the intro/extro-version spectrum I’m sitting at the moment. Given that a larger event takes long-range planning, that personal feeling can get ignored if a commitment is made a year or more in advance. It becomes a question of doing it when it’s there to do.       I felt lucky that my most recent show at the Artemis Gallery in Deep Cove, North Vancouver BC, was easy to look forward to, work toward,…

Both Sides of the Easel

January 24, 2015 Written by Catherine V. Fraser
  In the early 2000s, I began drawing at life drawing sessions, after doing almost none of that activity since I’d been in art school. Different from trying to capture likenesses of family and friends, pets, or even landscape and architecture subjects, life drawing is for me very much about the energy of the moment. I felt that energy very strongly the first time I drew from a live, unclothed model. It was so obvious to me that his personal force somehow connected with mine through my vision, then to my hand with its drawing tool, to the marks I…

Pens and Ink

January 26, 2015 Written by Catherine V. Fraser
I love drawing and writing with pens! My collection of pens isn’t huge, because I try to temper my acquisitive nature, but I’ve archived the first pens which satisfied me for drawing and printing: Koh I Noor Rapidographs. The very fine points I liked, intended for technical drawing applications, kept drying up on me and clogging, but I took down lecture notes at Portland State, wrote love letters and journals and drew seascapes with them on summer kayak expeditions in Barkley Sound. That’s on the Pacific side of Vancouver Island, and wild. A little square cloth penwipe always with me,…


Catherine V. Fraser is an artist who works with a variety of mediums, including painting, photography, and ceramics.

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