Vancouver-based fine artist


Here are some Guest Book comments from my last show:

  • What a visionary you are with color!
  • Rich show, beautiful rich color!
  • Thanks for the hit of color and awakening dreams
  • Bold, ugly, beautiful, large, bright.
  • Love the details and colors.
  • Really cool – love the color and energy!!
  • Lively work!
  • Love the ‘sunburned’ feel

We fucking love this mug! –Dr. Marcia

Wonderful crisp vibrant colors. Lovely! –Ruth McIntyre

I love the color, intellect and vision! –Sally Brown-Koehler

When I saw your painting I felt like I did when I first saw Gauguin. –Karin Smith

Your paintings [show] the possibility of transcendence. –Ruth Abramson

Catherine’s work supports a high degree of variation in medium and shape and is always full of life and thought. There is a generosity in her art — she shares her energy and ideas with the viewer. –Flora Gordon

I see your porcelain cups as a beautiful oasis in the middle of Ontario. –Jennifer Sirek

You are able to maintain a simplicity in your work…I must say your photography is spectacular. –Paul Lewing


Catherine V. Fraser is an artist who works with a variety of mediums, including painting, photography, and ceramics.

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